AI Engineer_KALAPA

Salary: 25,000,00030,000,000 VNĐ

Location: Văn phòng Hà Nội

Team: Kalapa

Application deadline: 21/07 — 05/09/2021

Job Description

KALAPA.,JSC is a fintech company, providing financial technology solutions with extensive experience in Vietnam, strongly operating in the field of big data governance and machine learning development, supporting financial institutions with the highest commitment. Our most recent product, customer credit scoring system, has been implemented by many big partners such as: VPBANK, VietBank, FECredit, EasyCredit, MCredit, ...

Our valuations:
➔ Stay at the fore in Anti-Fraud/Spoofing
➔ Transparency in information authentication
➔ Shorten loan appraisal time by less than 30 minutes
➔ Reduce bad debt ratio
➔ Save operating costs
More detail about us:
➔ Website:
➔ Fanpage:
➔ Our Products & Services:

Job Description

  • Research and develop AI engines (object detection, image classification, sequence models, tree-based models, etc).
  • Perform data validation, model optimization and serving.
  • Analyze and explore new Machine Learning applications.
  • Collaborate with teammates to solve real-world problems.


  • Bsc in computer science or related fields.
  • Have experience in (but not limited to) C/C++ and Python.
  • Have experience in using and manipulating Deep Learning infrastructure.
  • Have experience with at least 1 of the most popular AI Frameworks (Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, Caffe, MXNet).
  • Have experience with image processing libraries (OpenCV, Scikit-image, Pillow, Matplotlib, etc).
  • Have deep understanding of Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms (especially regarding Computer Vision).
  • Ability to accomplish tasks with high concentration, high responsibility and high integrity

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive and unlimited income: 25 - 30++ MIL
  • Clear quarter and annual KPI with high KPI bonus, commissions, attractive, commensurate with capacity.
  • Quarterly bonus in % salary and evaluated according to business report.
  • Unlimited weekly hot bonuses just for good working results.
  • Working time from Monday to Friday.
  • Become the player in one of the youngest and most talented people in the market.
  • Special welfare benefits in addition to the benefits under the Labor Law: 24/7 health insurance, Flexible working hours.
  • Dynamic, comfortable start-up environment: do your best - play hard.
  • High-configurable computer, meeting work needs.
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and supper.
  • Traveling, team-building with teammates.
  • Regular internal contest to update knowledge.
  • Working space with full utilities, ensuring every day of work is a happy day and get a lot of knowledge.

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